Blender Renders

Apart from programming, I also do some other things (surprise, surprise). One of them is 3D modelling and doing renders in Blender. Here are some. Any third party assets used are listed in the description of each render.

Ring (view on r/blender)

Featured on the front page of r/blender. An improved version of a different animation I created in Blender. It uses particle simulations combined with the explode modifier to create the effect of the shattering ring.

A 3D version of my logo that I made for my YouTube channel. It is mostly inspired by this marble material that I thought would go well with the abstract nature of the logo. I know that a creator is not supposed to explain what their creation means, but because You were so interested that You’re reading this, I will tell You that the cube symbolises computer graphics with its red, green and blue colors and 3D graphics with its three-dimensional shape. The imperfections are, as always, from the Megascans library.

Æsahættr (view on r/blender)

This is a 3D model I made completely from scratch (or rather a cylinder primitive) and rendered in Blender. It uses imperfection textures from the Megascans library and a physically accurate iridescent material I found here for the subtler edge.

Bitcoins (view on r/blender)

Happy Easter 2021 (view on r/blender)


An improved version of a grassfield based on “Grassland with a rock”. It also uses assets from the Megascans library.


This wallpaper was created to serve as a background image for this page. It uses no third-party assets.

Grassland with a rock

This was an attempt to see how to render realistic grass in Blender. It uses assets from the Megascans library.

Scene 1
Scene 2

I made this animated short as part of a school project. The making of the animation took about 20 hours including the time it took me to learn how to make the characters (including modelling, rigging and animating them). I made everything including the character, desk, chair, bench and classroom models completely from scratch. The dubbing had to be removed before uploading here. It uses no third-party assets.