Jan Bielak

I am a self-taught C++ developer. My main areas of expertise are realtime rendering and game development. Currently, I am a senior in the Warsaw Staszic High School. I recently gave a talk on performance at CppCon. A paper I co-authored has been published at OSDI22. You can find some of my projects on Github. I also host an educational YouTube channel, where I share my knowledge with the world. There are also some informative posts on this website.

I also take part in Cyberduck – a robotics project whose goal is to create a portable aqueous meteorological station in the shape of a mallard. Additionally, I also participate in PaSh – a shell-script parallelisation project hosted by the Linux Foundation.

In free time, I like doing renders in Blender – an open-source 3D graphics suite. You can find my works in the Gallery. At the same time, you can see some images created with renderers of my own making at the bottom of the page.

Jan Bielak’s Publications

Practically Correct, Just-in-Time Shell Script Parallelization

Konstantinos Kallas, Tammam Mustafa, Jan Bielak, Dimitris Karnikis, Thurston H.Y. Dang, Michael Greenberg, Nikos Vasilakis. 16th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI22) 

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Jan Bielak’s Rendering Examples

An Animation I rendered in Blender
OpenGL PBR renderer compute shader GitHub
A modern OpenGL 4.6 PBR renderer using compute shaders and AZDO techniques
Jan Bielak multithreaded CPU Raytracer GitHub
A multithreaded CPU Raytracer
Jan Bielak OpenGL Renderer GitHub
An OpenGL 3.3 renderer implementing some common rendering techniques